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Due to LJ's newest asshattery... - Metamorphosis
eregónna lé monëttha
Due to LJ's newest asshattery...
...I'm adding an addendum to My LiveJournal Rules which can be found on my profile page approximately halfway down.

In regards to the new crossposting to FB and Twitter option:

It is not okay to crosspost anything from my journal without obtaining consent from me first. By anything, I include mindless drivel, memes and even link posts. The only exceptions to this are entries where I ask that you spread the word around such as Sea Shepherd news, animal rights postings and other such things.

Unless you see a written request to repost something, however, you must get permission from me to crosspost entries.

Anyone found to be abusing the latest and not-so-greatest feature from the asshats in corporate will be de-friended and banned from my LJ/comms without a second thought. I don't care if I've known you for ten years, it applies to everyone on my list. Granted, those of you I have known for 10+ years are still on here because you guys are pretty cool and I find it hard to believe that you would be stupid enough to even warrant such a warning, but still...

Just so everyone's clear.

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