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I haven't forgotten... - Metamorphosis
eregónna lé monëttha
I haven't forgotten...
...and I will never forget.

9/11/01 will be a day that forever crosses my heart with pain and shadow. Watching the documentary that aired on CBS tonight was something both hard and also... well, saddening doesn't even begin to describe it.

Ten years down the line and I can still remember each and every emotion that crossed my soul at the exact moment I saw the first plane hit the towers just as if it were yesterday. I have been told I am a hypocrite as no one that I personally knew died in the WTC that day, but being an empath does have it's drawbacks... living so close to NYC with the enormous amounts of pain and suffering, panic and grief and soul-wrenching loss... well, that has it's drawbacks, too.

While I have my own beliefs as to what truly caused the towers to collapse, I know they generally fall into the whole "conspiracy" boat and therefore are looked upon as being unwelcome in most conversations, whether spoken or otherwise...

Regardless of how it happened, the fact that so very many people lost their lives is a tragedy that will not heal for those who were left behind. Perhaps there are band-aids applied to the wounds, perhaps there are walls erected to close off the negative emotions and copious amounts of grief left over that cannot be dealt with, but of which hides the fact that the grief is still there, just beneath the surface.

My heart bleeds for those who died that day- both physically and emotionally. Because despite the fact that so many left this mortal coil, even more were left behind to then simply drift through life in a state worse than death; emotionless because they could not cope with what happened to them in those hours afterward.

This was an event that should have never happened.

In a perfect world, it wouldn't have.

But we are not in a perfect world. If anything, instead of learning from this tragedy, instead of realizing that black or white, red or yellow or brown or even blue, we all bleed red. We are all of us the same beings working together in tandem to reach a greater goal than ever could be comprehended by most of us in this lifetime... even if most of us never realize this.

Unfortunately, as was intended by those that constructed and created this disgusting and despicable ploy to misdirect the eyes of the nation, this truth was once again shelved and hidden from the public's eye. And once again, we are at war amongst ourselves for something so foolish as being "different" from one another.

I fear for this world's future.

I fear for humanity's future.

Because we cannot survive as a planet until we begin to survive as a race... and as it stands, I do not see that happening in the foreseeable future.

I hope, however, that I am wrong. Perhaps then, those who died such a pointless, tragic death ten years ago can be set free from the bonds that chain them. And perhaps their deaths will not have been to serve those that would control rather than set us free...

Because I understand that ten years ago, not only did we lose our neighbors... it was then that we signed over our freedom as a nation as well.

I haven't forgotten...

And I will never forget...


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luwana From: luwana Date: September 12th, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC) (link)
I tend to sit firmly under "I don't know exactly what happened, and probably never will". I don't find it particularly kooky to question things.
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