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Speak, Friend, and Enter...

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the LJ-verse. If you've somehow stumbled upon this journal and are interested in reading more, please leave a comment as to how you came across it. If you don't leave a comment, I won't add you- it's as simple as that. It's isn't that I dislike new friends or anything, I'm simply more of an introverted person who likes their privacy.


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What is your New Year’s Resolution?
Keep Breathing...


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...to ring in the New Year:

2012 has come at last,
so 2011 can kiss my ass!

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...Bilbo and Frodo's birthday of course!

To two of the greatest hobbits that ever were or will be.

Happy birthday my fictional friends. You have enriched my life in so many ways...


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I received an e-mail today from a family friend with a link to an Opinion article from Paul Krugman from the NY Times on how the generalized fallout from the event is saddening.

The e-mail was as follows:

From: (address deleted)
Subject: typical marxist NYSLIME!
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:21:59 -0400

Absolutely disgraceful, tasteless article by a far left reporter at the NYSlime (this was on 9-11 of all days) we all know where the hate & bitterness comes from its the left.

shortened link

LET’S write & call to let them know this was way over the line

This was followed by a telephone number and public response e-mail to the NY Times.com.

My response was as follows... also, excuse the extremely derogatory slurs. While I don't like slurs against one's race, color, creed, sexual orientation or gender, these were included to try and make a point. I do not condone, nor do I use such words in my everyday speech. On the contrary, I generally get pissed off as all fuck if I hear them come out of someone's mouth.

My response:

Actually, I agree with him.

The atrocities that followed after a staged attack to spur a war which has done nothing to unify humanity but further spread hatred and add more fuel to an already raging inferno of ignorance and intolerance are not only unacceptable, but damnable in my eyes.

I'm not one to say that we should all be sitting round the alter whilst holding hands and singing kumbaya, but I'm also not one that shirks at trying to take a stark look at reality, either.

While I don't believe that a One World Government is something that should be put in effect (I am still now as ever I was, completely against it in fact), I do believe that as a race, humanity is amazingly intolerant of one another's beliefs and differences.

Are you black? You niggers aren't as good as us white folk.
Are you female? Well then, sweet thing, you've only got three uses- cooking, cleaning and fucking.
Are you gay? You faggot. You're a sin against God and Nature. You shouldn't have the right to marry the person you love because obviously, as what you're doing is un-nat-cher-al, you can't possibly know what the word "love" means.
You're Muslim? You freak, get the hell away and go blow up some of them gay people. God knows there should be less of them queer folks in the world.

...And the list goes on.

Instead of accepting one another, we continue to try and find excuses for "us" to be right and "them" to be wrong. Each and every day the group we signify as "them" can change to fit our beliefs and needs, but in the end, it's all still the same thing- cut a black person, they bleed red. Cut a white person, they bleed red, too. Female, male, gay, straight, Muslim, Atheist, Pagan or Christian... we are all the same.

Sadly, however, it doesn't matter.

Because until people stop trying to put their own beliefs on a pedestal and until they accept the fact that we are all Children of the Source of Creation, we are doomed to fail upon this earth as a race.

Perhaps your time would be better spent trying to heal the wounds of this world rather than spreading them (name deleted). Because until you start realizing that adding to the weight of the already enormous pile of negativity is something of a step in the wrong direction, you're nothing more than one who is adding to the problem... not someone helping to find a solution.

I am so tired of the majority of humanity trying so hard to hold on to something- anything, really- that makes them feel Special.

It weighs me down and nags at my heart each and every day.

Humanity is the biggest bunch of hypocritical idiots out there. And yet I still hold hope that we, as a people, can rise above the nature instilled in us. Because I know that there are others out there- though while maybe few and far between- who feel in their hearts the same truth... that we are better than this, this incessant drive to constantly have to prove ourselves "better" or "righter" or "specialer" or "worth more" than those we have been brought up to look down upon.

Stop helping the enemy, people.

Wake up.

Wake up to the fact that we, as a people, as a nation, as a planet... we are being programmed to constantly and consistently pick fights and start wars with our neighbors so that we do not think critically enough to really stop and wonder what makes them the Enemy, so that we do not stop and question why our viewpoint is so obviously right and theirs so obviously wrong that it calls for swift and decisive violence in order to silence them...

Wake up, people.

We have as individuals, as a group, as nation and as a planet, given up our freedoms.

We no longer think for ourselves; instead we are simply content to follow what our government and authorities say is true because we have become passive and lazy. Despite being told the contrary, we no longer teach our children critical thinking skills because it is frowned upon to go against the status quo. Because to diverge from that line of thinking that our societies teach us as "right" and "normal" would be to stand out from the crowd and make us different. Because it would mark us as not being of the same Hive Mentality that everyone else is.

Wake up...

Begin thinking, again. Begin questioning what is being told to you. Begin asking yourself if what is being told to you serves a more hidden agenda than that which you're comfortable with.

Question everything.

Because if it is truthful, the answers will eventually hold up to such close scrutiny...

And if it's not? Well, the choice is yours whether to accept the harsh reality or to simply swallow the bullshit and accept it as a truth.

Wake up, people...

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sound fx: Dead by Sunrise: Walking in Circles

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...and I will never forget.

9/11/01 will be a day that forever crosses my heart with pain and shadow. Watching the documentary that aired on CBS tonight was something both hard and also... well, saddening doesn't even begin to describe it.

Ten years down the line and I can still remember each and every emotion that crossed my soul at the exact moment I saw the first plane hit the towers just as if it were yesterday. I have been told I am a hypocrite as no one that I personally knew died in the WTC that day, but being an empath does have it's drawbacks... living so close to NYC with the enormous amounts of pain and suffering, panic and grief and soul-wrenching loss... well, that has it's drawbacks, too.

While I have my own beliefs as to what truly caused the towers to collapse, I know they generally fall into the whole "conspiracy" boat and therefore are looked upon as being unwelcome in most conversations, whether spoken or otherwise...

Regardless of how it happened, the fact that so very many people lost their lives is a tragedy that will not heal for those who were left behind. Perhaps there are band-aids applied to the wounds, perhaps there are walls erected to close off the negative emotions and copious amounts of grief left over that cannot be dealt with, but of which hides the fact that the grief is still there, just beneath the surface.

My heart bleeds for those who died that day- both physically and emotionally. Because despite the fact that so many left this mortal coil, even more were left behind to then simply drift through life in a state worse than death; emotionless because they could not cope with what happened to them in those hours afterward.

This was an event that should have never happened.

In a perfect world, it wouldn't have.

But we are not in a perfect world. If anything, instead of learning from this tragedy, instead of realizing that black or white, red or yellow or brown or even blue, we all bleed red. We are all of us the same beings working together in tandem to reach a greater goal than ever could be comprehended by most of us in this lifetime... even if most of us never realize this.

Unfortunately, as was intended by those that constructed and created this disgusting and despicable ploy to misdirect the eyes of the nation, this truth was once again shelved and hidden from the public's eye. And once again, we are at war amongst ourselves for something so foolish as being "different" from one another.

I fear for this world's future.

I fear for humanity's future.

Because we cannot survive as a planet until we begin to survive as a race... and as it stands, I do not see that happening in the foreseeable future.

I hope, however, that I am wrong. Perhaps then, those who died such a pointless, tragic death ten years ago can be set free from the bonds that chain them. And perhaps their deaths will not have been to serve those that would control rather than set us free...

Because I understand that ten years ago, not only did we lose our neighbors... it was then that we signed over our freedom as a nation as well.

I haven't forgotten...

And I will never forget...


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...unless of course you're doing pastel work.

Oh well, live and learn people. Live and learn.

Take two of Uncle Ricky's Rhythm & Blues poster as soon as the fixative dries... And next time I try to use fixative on pastels, I'm spraying it way the hell away from the paper.



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...I'm adding an addendum to My LiveJournal Rules which can be found on my profile page approximately halfway down.

In regards to the new crossposting to FB and Twitter option:

It is not okay to crosspost anything from my journal without obtaining consent from me first. By anything, I include mindless drivel, memes and even link posts. The only exceptions to this are entries where I ask that you spread the word around such as Sea Shepherd news, animal rights postings and other such things.

Unless you see a written request to repost something, however, you must get permission from me to crosspost entries.

Anyone found to be abusing the latest and not-so-greatest feature from the asshats in corporate will be de-friended and banned from my LJ/comms without a second thought. I don't care if I've known you for ten years, it applies to everyone on my list. Granted, those of you I have known for 10+ years are still on here because you guys are pretty cool and I find it hard to believe that you would be stupid enough to even warrant such a warning, but still...

Just so everyone's clear.

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What would you do if you were president or prime minister for a day?
I'd push the fucking button already, heh.

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One of the most epically awesome wedding cakes. Ever.

No, seriously.

Nothing says love like "til death do us part, even if that means we've gotta take down every last bastard zombie out there. Or, y'know, you turn into one. That would suck."

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Okay, being an artist who does not do commissions, I may be looked upon as an outsider to this in the respect that doesn't really effect me the way it does for those who do work for money. I do, however, have friends that work on commission and this pisses me right the hell off that there are douchebags such as this one who prowl about the different dA, elfwood and other art communities looking for an easy scam.

Okay, I'm being easy on the guy. What I'd really like to call him is a fucking elitist snob who thinks his shit doesn't stink and of which, has the right to scam artists off on their hard work only to line his own pocket with more money so that his life can be easier while the term "Starving Artist" is once more proved to be more often than not truthful.

But that's a mouthful.

Link to the original article is here.

Also, for those of you on my friends list who are newly working on commission, have thought about starting to work for commission or have been working on commission but not doing your research as to what you should be charging- aka, fair art rates- please, please, please read this article and beware that there are such scumbags on the prowl hoping to scam you out of your time and talent.

It's disheartening that there are as many people out there like this as there is, but the more people who know about this jerk, the better. Because if someone's going to be making fair use of your art and lining their own pockets with the money that would not be there were it not for your artwork to promote the project... well, I'm not saying you have to charge an arm and a leg for shit, but if you're doing it for a living, then yeah. What's fair is fair... or should be, at any rate.

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Okay, LiveJournal is the devil:

How the hell are you going to turn *Cthulu* into a fucking purple octopus with cute little fluttery eyes and then give him a bouquet of daisies to hold?


Bad call, LJ. Bad call.

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From the loverly nalidoll:

Yesterday, I asked people to take a few moments and vote for a school a dear friend of mine works (and struggles) at in order to help it receive a grant, and asked that people pass along the word. You are allowed to vote for the school once a day. I also posted this to facebook. If you can please take a minute to do this.

The school we are talking about is severely underfunded. It is in AZ, which already has education funding Issues, and it is also located in a poverty stricken area right by the border, which is even more neglected and overlooked in regards to the allocation of what funding does exist. The teachers there end up paying out-of-pocket for so much, just to give their kids the basics, while struggling to get by themselves and crossing their fingers that their jobs will not be cut.

One of the areas that schools like this end up falling so far behind in is technology. In spite of the fact that exposure and training from early on is becoming more and more necessary just to assure a fighting chance in the job market, these schools often do not even have the basics AV equipment, much less the newer tools now becoming such a regular part of everyday life in so many ways. These students will be entering a world where technology plays a bigger and bigger role, and they will be doing so way behind their peers, dooming them to a cycle of poverty.

This school is in a district where a large number of the community is not connected online, and where many do not even own a computer. Unlike better-off districts, they do not have the voting support on a local level that others take for granted. Ironically, this means that those areas already at an advantage over this one are more likely to receive additional money. This is not the most fair way to decide things like this, as it turns it into a bit of a popularity contest, with the prize going to the schools best connected and with more support already, rather than to the schools with the greatest need.

By taking a few moments each day to click a couple links, there is a chance here to make a real and immediate difference in what will amount to thousands of lives. We can all go on about the failures in education funding and policy, but this is a chance to help out that costs you nothing but a few moments of your time. Each person gets up to ten votes per day (one vote per school), allowing you to vote for up to ten ideas daily. If you would like to go through the ideas and find one in your area, or support something you feel passionate about as well, you can do that.

An important part of this is spreading the word. I have been disappointed, quite frankly, that nobody has taken a moment to do this. We pass along memes and quizzes and lolcats and and youtube videos and such without thinking. On facebook, we post app requests and links and anything and everything that strikes our fancy, and will copy and paste a status "to raise awareness" of something new every ten seconds. People will spend an inordinate amount of time posting to Twitter everything they do, say listen to, see... as well as commenting on what everyone else does, says, listens to and sees. We're all so incredibly connected and plugged in... and this is a chance to use that to help out those who do not have the luxury of such easy access to the world and to information.

I am flooded, daily, by requests to sign petitions, show support, pass on awareness of so many causes. I see, constantly, pleas for help for this person or that person who is having a hard time/being treated unfairly by life/in a tight spot.
I regularly see requests to give money to help some complete stranger pay for their CAT'S vet bill.

And yet... this would help thousands of students over the next couple of years. It is a direct and immediate difference, which will have a wide-spread benefit for our next generation, which will also affect *us*. It is a chance to do something Good, and it will cost you nothing.

So... please. Click to vote. If you have a Facebook, you can use that to sign in, or you can register in about 30 seconds at the site. They are not asking for your social security number, bank account, keys to your car, or your firstborn. It's a simple registration to help keep track of who has voted already that day. It's a chance to actually do something about a situation we all shake our heads and declare "such a shame". Something needs to be done, and this is one moment when you have to power to actually make it happen.

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"People keep saying LJ is dying, one way or the other. Because people who really never wanted to fully blog in the first place are over at Twitter and Facebook now, because LJ is Russian and sucks now, because Dreamwidth is better (ugh), because the sky is blue, because social media moves on.

This hurts me. I've invested almost a decade of my life into the work I've created on this site. I love it here. My friends are here. I met my husband here. I met so many people I love on this site, so much good has come of it. I don't want to be one of the olds that's like IN MY DAY THE INTERNET WAS DOWNHILL BOTH WAYS AND WE ALL GOT FREE ICE CREAM EVERY TIME WE POSTED, but I want Livejournal to survive. I love the community here. It makes me sad when, despite my protestations, I see that skip=100 will show me my entire flist for the last two days, when once it went hundreds of entries deep. That I no longer participate in any communities, really. That so many of my real life friends have just stopped posting entirely. Does LJ screw up as a company? Yes, so do all companies. As MacHeads might say, it's about the people. For everything LJ has done that's dumb, it has given me so much good in my life it beggars the heart to tally up. I don't give a toss about LJ the corporate brand. I care about us, here, our home, our family. I am not too good for my home, like unto a cheeky golf ball.

And I realized the other day that I'm part of the problem. I'm not posting nearly as much as I used to. My shallow observations are over on Twitter, and I'm tired a lot, and I'm just not being a good little blogger. How can I complain that Livejournal isn't what it used to be without, you know, lookin' at the man in the mirror, askin' him to change his ways?

So here's my happyfunstunt. For the next 30 days, I'm going to post a substantive essay-type thing on my LJ. Not a "it's too hot, also knitting" post, but something thoughtful or funny or critical. Substantial. That shouldn't seem as Heruclean as it does right now, but I'm going to do it, as a testament to how much I want to keep on keeping on here, and how much I want you guys to as well. I do think it will be interesting for my own processes as well, and now that I've told you all about it, if I slack, I become a loser. (And yes, the Mac post counts for today.)

Now, that is a lot of essays, so if you have something you specifically want me to post about, personal, professional, or otherwise, let me know in the comments and I'll very likely ramble on about it at leisure.

See you on the flip side. Viva LJ. By which I mean: Viva Us."

I really, truly love this idea.

I remember back in the day when LiveJournal was home to me. When I would jump online and see how my friends and online family were doing and could actually read about what was going on in their lives. It was a system of support, and it was honest social networking- not like the one quick blurb every two minutes that sites like twitter and facebook have people so enormously buying into.

I really don't want to hear about how you just shit out a turd that looks like Abraham Lincoln. Nor about how fucked up drunk you got last night to the point you couldn't even remember your own name ("Wooo! Paaaar-taaaay!")

But I do want to hear about your growth as a being on this earth. I want to hear about your hopes and dreams and fears and worries once more. I want to read about what's important to you, campaigns you've signed up for, action you're taking to right different wrongs... I want to hear about you again.

And in return, I promise to write more about me. My dreams, my hopes and fears and aspirations. I don't know if I can actually swing thirty days of serious journal entries right a-going (weekends are kinda difficult what with my work schedule), but I do promise that there will be an influx of meatier posts and topics on here for the next month or so. And maybe after that, it'll stick. I'll try like hell to make it so at any rate.

So there you have it.

Jump on board if you wish. Or stay there and tread water. Whichever works better for you. Me? I know where I want to be and go, so if you decide to join me, I'll see you on the flip-side ;)

Like catvalente said: Viva la LJ. Viva us.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Day Three: Party like it’s 1986

Report by Laurens De Groot

Agadir, Morocco - After a one-and-a-half day break, the delegations came back together to talk about the proposal to uplift the ban on commercial. Within two hours, the first delegates walked out. A few of the NGO’s followed with happy faces. What happened? Finally, some good news out of this Moroccan Pandora’s box? Perhaps, but I guess it depends how you look at it. The idea to uplift the ban on commercial whaling and allow some controlled commercial whaling was wiped off the table. Of course, that is a good thing; it would be a ridiculous step back to allow commercial whaling and I assume that every normal human would see this as common sense.

However, it was celebrated as a great achievement. Isn’t that strange? The ban on whaling took effect in 1986. Being glad that the moratorium is still in place is basically saying that the whaling countries have so much power that they dictate the agenda of the IWC in order to get rid of the ban. We’re talking about just three countries. While the delegates had 24 years time to actually close the loophole, they are instead happy that the whaling ban is still in place. In my opinion, that’s an upside down world. There should never be a discussion on uplifting the ban, instead there should only be talk about stopping Japan, Iceland, and Norway from killing some of the most amazing creatures we share this planet with. And I still see very little effort to achieve that goal. The delegates stated that they ‘need a break to get over their indifferences’. I’m sorry, a break? I think the whales need a break from humans and that the delegates should spend every bloody second in Agadir to achieve that.

On a lighter note: The Japanese Whaling association (JWA) was pissed off and that’s always amusing. So –call it ironically- they used the second part of the day to address the aggression towards their whaling (research) ships by Sea Shepherd. Without Sea Shepherd being able to attend the meetings, I would like to thank the JWA for giving us a place on stage so the whole world could see that Sea Shepherd is still living up to it’s promise to save whales. The JWA stated that ‘they were tired of giving this presentation every year’. Yes, JWA you exhaust us too, so why don’t you just stop your illegal whaling activities and stay out of the Southern whale sanctuary? One problem solved.


Well, at least that's something. What with Japan bribing several of the other countries into swinging their votes to their side, I had wondered just how this was going to turn out. The fact that Obama was in favor of lifting the moratorium not only pissed me off, but had me wondering just how many other countries would turn their backs on the whales as well.

As Captain Watson has previously said... Humanity is insane.

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When Obama took office, he made a promise to continue to strengthen the global moratorium on whaling.

Now, Obama is yet again about to break his word by lifting the ban on whale hunting.

He has done nothing but pat a few backs and pose for some photo ops down in the Gulf, he has increased- rather than decreased- the number of troops sent over to the Middle East, he has spent tax payers money on lavish personal trips that have involved the use of Air Force One and other military vehicles- all at the taxpayers expense.

Please don't let Obama once more get away with breaking a promise to the people of America.

Sign the petition and tell him that you support the ban on whaling.

Maybe we can't all act as bravely as such people as the Sea Shepherds crew members, but we can act to the best of our abilities to defend what is right. I believe that we are morally obligated to do so.

Please, it will only take a few moments of your time and energy, but it could save hundreds (if not thousands) of innocent whales from being indiscriminately slaughtered for the sole purpose of a lucrative and illegal whale meat industry.

As a good friend of mine has said in the past...

"One voice may be a whisper...but many become a roar."

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Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?
Hmm, in order of the cars I've had throughout the years:

~Grendal the '95 Subaru Legacy wagon- so named because he was my "little monster."
~Max (aka "The Money Pit"), the '97 Hyundai Sonata- so nicknamed because after I sunk over 2k into him, he still cracked his engine and made it virtually impossible to fix him back up after that.
~Lexi the '03 Nissan Altima
~Axle the '07 Subaru Legacy sedan.

I know a lot of people tend to choose feminine names for their cars as they tend to equate all cars as female for some reason, but as you can see, I've had both male and female cars throughout my driving history. Granted, Lexi was the only feminine car I've owned, but I loved her while I had her.

What constitutes a good car name in my book? I don't honestly have any set criteria, other than I pretty much just let the car tell me what it's name is. Sometimes it takes only a day or so (such as in Axle's case), other times it takes quite a bit of time (Lexi would be the prime example for that one) and sometimes it's in between the two.

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That is all.

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Not everything is black and white..

I am so sick of idiots playing the fucking race cards.


"I forgot he was black." Wtf? Hmm, he's black. Woo. And? Just because someone is black, white, red, yellow, or pink and white checkered with day-glo green zig-zags, it doesn't make them act a certain way. That comment, as well intentioned as it may (or may not) have been, was just ignorant.

I get the point of people being offended by that, I really do, but I also take issue with something said by a black woman as well:

Sophia Nelson, a black attorney, former lobbyist and founder of PoliticalIntersection.com, which focuses on politics, race and gender, said she has been offended by people calling her articulate and intelligent: "That's saying that people who look like me normally aren't those things."

No. You idiot, you. That's like saying you appear to be articulate and intelligent. Should I- a female Native American and Caucasian mix- take offense when someone tries to compliment me by calling me intelligent and well-spoken? No. I'm going to thank them and more than likely pawn off the compliment with something witty in return.

And it only goes to show once more that idiots, no matter the race, creed, sexual persuasion, age or gender, will still go out of their way to take issue with things.

As ignorant as that first comment was, that second comment? It was just as bad. I'm so sick of the whole walking on eggshells bullshit so many people dance around, especially as of late.

You're black. Get over it.

I'm white. Get over it.

You and I? We still bleed red when you prick us. We both breathe oxygen, need food and water and sunlight to live and we both have feelings, emotions, wants and needs and goals we'd like to accomplish.

Get over your fucking skin color.

Unless you don't want to.

In which case, at least have the balls to say, "I'm black, I'm racist, and I think everyone owes me the world." Or, in the case of the white guy down the street: "I'm white, I'm racist, and I think no one can do anything as well as I can."

Either way, maybe we should just hand out shotguns and swords and let everyone kill each other off from their own stupidity. Because really, it doesn't matter what color the skin is- we'll still find some way of making ourselves morally superior to some other group.


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Bwah ha ha, I just realized something:

I totally missed the ball drop again this year.

Oh well, at least I'm a creature of habit.

Happy New Year, LJers. Here's to 2010.

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