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This greatly saddens me... - Metamorphosis
eregónna lé monëttha
This greatly saddens me...
I received an e-mail today from a family friend with a link to an Opinion article from Paul Krugman from the NY Times on how the generalized fallout from the event is saddening.

The e-mail was as follows:

From: (address deleted)
Subject: typical marxist NYSLIME!
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:21:59 -0400

Absolutely disgraceful, tasteless article by a far left reporter at the NYSlime (this was on 9-11 of all days) we all know where the hate & bitterness comes from its the left.

shortened link

LET’S write & call to let them know this was way over the line

This was followed by a telephone number and public response e-mail to the NY Times.com.

My response was as follows... also, excuse the extremely derogatory slurs. While I don't like slurs against one's race, color, creed, sexual orientation or gender, these were included to try and make a point. I do not condone, nor do I use such words in my everyday speech. On the contrary, I generally get pissed off as all fuck if I hear them come out of someone's mouth.

My response:

Actually, I agree with him.

The atrocities that followed after a staged attack to spur a war which has done nothing to unify humanity but further spread hatred and add more fuel to an already raging inferno of ignorance and intolerance are not only unacceptable, but damnable in my eyes.

I'm not one to say that we should all be sitting round the alter whilst holding hands and singing kumbaya, but I'm also not one that shirks at trying to take a stark look at reality, either.

While I don't believe that a One World Government is something that should be put in effect (I am still now as ever I was, completely against it in fact), I do believe that as a race, humanity is amazingly intolerant of one another's beliefs and differences.

Are you black? You niggers aren't as good as us white folk.
Are you female? Well then, sweet thing, you've only got three uses- cooking, cleaning and fucking.
Are you gay? You faggot. You're a sin against God and Nature. You shouldn't have the right to marry the person you love because obviously, as what you're doing is un-nat-cher-al, you can't possibly know what the word "love" means.
You're Muslim? You freak, get the hell away and go blow up some of them gay people. God knows there should be less of them queer folks in the world.

...And the list goes on.

Instead of accepting one another, we continue to try and find excuses for "us" to be right and "them" to be wrong. Each and every day the group we signify as "them" can change to fit our beliefs and needs, but in the end, it's all still the same thing- cut a black person, they bleed red. Cut a white person, they bleed red, too. Female, male, gay, straight, Muslim, Atheist, Pagan or Christian... we are all the same.

Sadly, however, it doesn't matter.

Because until people stop trying to put their own beliefs on a pedestal and until they accept the fact that we are all Children of the Source of Creation, we are doomed to fail upon this earth as a race.

Perhaps your time would be better spent trying to heal the wounds of this world rather than spreading them (name deleted). Because until you start realizing that adding to the weight of the already enormous pile of negativity is something of a step in the wrong direction, you're nothing more than one who is adding to the problem... not someone helping to find a solution.

I am so tired of the majority of humanity trying so hard to hold on to something- anything, really- that makes them feel Special.

It weighs me down and nags at my heart each and every day.

Humanity is the biggest bunch of hypocritical idiots out there. And yet I still hold hope that we, as a people, can rise above the nature instilled in us. Because I know that there are others out there- though while maybe few and far between- who feel in their hearts the same truth... that we are better than this, this incessant drive to constantly have to prove ourselves "better" or "righter" or "specialer" or "worth more" than those we have been brought up to look down upon.

Stop helping the enemy, people.

Wake up.

Wake up to the fact that we, as a people, as a nation, as a planet... we are being programmed to constantly and consistently pick fights and start wars with our neighbors so that we do not think critically enough to really stop and wonder what makes them the Enemy, so that we do not stop and question why our viewpoint is so obviously right and theirs so obviously wrong that it calls for swift and decisive violence in order to silence them...

Wake up, people.

We have as individuals, as a group, as nation and as a planet, given up our freedoms.

We no longer think for ourselves; instead we are simply content to follow what our government and authorities say is true because we have become passive and lazy. Despite being told the contrary, we no longer teach our children critical thinking skills because it is frowned upon to go against the status quo. Because to diverge from that line of thinking that our societies teach us as "right" and "normal" would be to stand out from the crowd and make us different. Because it would mark us as not being of the same Hive Mentality that everyone else is.

Wake up...

Begin thinking, again. Begin questioning what is being told to you. Begin asking yourself if what is being told to you serves a more hidden agenda than that which you're comfortable with.

Question everything.

Because if it is truthful, the answers will eventually hold up to such close scrutiny...

And if it's not? Well, the choice is yours whether to accept the harsh reality or to simply swallow the bullshit and accept it as a truth.

Wake up, people...

the elf is: cynical realistic
sound fx: Dead by Sunrise: Walking in Circles

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fireez From: fireez Date: September 12th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC) (link)
While I hold a different opinion about who is behind 9/11 than you do, I fully agree that what happened afterwards was mostly disgusting. We should have used this as an opportunity to end hate. To stand together and tell everyone "your hatred will not kill our love, or our freedom". Instead, all around the world, it's been used to curtail freedom, spread hate and invoke paranoia about some barely tangible bogeyman of terrorism.

You could see it in the attack in Oslo. Everyone was pointing fingers at "muslim terrorists" before they knew anything. Turns out it was a homegrown right-wing nutjob. Who thought his government was too liberal and hated foreigners. Hate and fear breeds nothing but more hate and fear.
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